Cheeda | Seedai
Cheeda is a fried crispy rice ball snack very enjoyable with hot chai. Popular in South India, Cheeda is prepared from a mixture of rice flour blended with spices. Cheeda is a unique and special snack with small balls plucked from rice flour mixture and deep fried in hot boiling oil. Cheeda is very easy to prepare and requires very minimal ingredients. Care has to be taken while preparing the dough for best results. Cheeda will burst in oil if dough is not properly prepared. You can explore a well detailed Cheeda snack here.
Servings Prep Time
4people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 30minutes
  1. For preparing Cheeda, fry the rice flour, till you get rid of the raw smell, in a big pan(preferably Urali).
  2. :- Make sure you don’t deep fry the flour.
  3. Slowly, sprinkle the salt water into this.
  4. Add the grated coconut and the powdered cumin seeds.
  5. Knead the mixture by applying a little force (for better results) and make it into a dough.
  6. Make small balls off this dough.
  7. Fry Cheeda in hot oil to a crispy form.