Chicken Liver Fry – Ramzan Special
Chicken Liver fry is one of the most delicious side dish prepared during the time of Ramzan. The chicken liver is cooked with spices and masalas. Have this as a treat for this Ramzan.
Servings Prep Time
20people 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
20people 15minutes
  1. Cut liver into small pieces and soak it in water to which turmeric water is added for 15 minutes.
  2. Grind together ginger, garlic and green chillies. Make a paste and keep aside.
  3. Heat oil and fry onion till it is brown in colour.
  4. Add curry leaves and stir once.
  5. Add the paste and fry till the raw smell is gone.
  6. Add turmeric powder, salt, meat masala and coriander powder.
  7. Mix well and add the liver, after rinsing it once in fresh water.
  8. Stir well, add 4 tsp of water and cook on medium flame till the liver is cooked and the mixture is dry.
  9. Enter Step
  10. Garnish with onions and serve.