Crispy Galagala
Crispy Galagala is sweet and crispy Diwali snack. These diwali snacks can be prepared in a jiffy when festivals come close. Both kids as well as elders are fond of munching galagala over a cup of hot tea. Galagala requires frying in hot oil and should be closed in airtight containers so the crispiness is not lost. There are a lot many Diwali dishes identical to galagala. These snacks can be easily prepared at home with minimal requirements. When festivals approach a lot many guests are likely to visit you and you can treat them with these crispies. They will surely love these munchies and you will get the satisfaction due unto you. You can explore a well detailed and step wise illustrated Galagala dish here.
Servings Prep Time
6people 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
6people 20minutes
  • Maida – 1cup
  • Sugar 1/2cup
  • Egg: 1 – 1no
  • Milk as reqd
  • Oil as reqd
  • Comb / fork : for shape –
  1. For preparing the crispy snack, first sieve the maida and add in a vessel. Stir in the measured quantity of sugar into the maida flour.
  2. Mix it well and then add the egg. And mix well.
  3. Sprinkle milk to make it a chappathi dough form.
  4. Take care so that the dough is not watery but firm. If the dough is little too soft or watery you will find it difficult to fry the crispies in oil.
  5. Now take a small ball of dough and press it in the comb to get the impression and roll it.
  6. Do it quickly else the sugar would start leaving water and the dough will get watery making it difficult to roll.
  7. Fry the sugar crispies in hot boiling oil.
  8. Galagala is ready to serve with a cup of hot tea. This is a favorite Diwali snack and you will enjoy well. Store in airtight containers so the firmness is not lost.
Recipe Notes

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