Homemade Grape Wine
Homemade grape wine is made naturally with simple ingredients available at home. The adequate yeast added to the partially crushed grapes aids proper fermentation. Inspect the grapes and make sure they are ripe enough. Discard rotten ones so that the quality of wine is not affected. A sanitary environment is recommended for making home made grape wine. The grapes should be washed clean with stems removed and make sure it is relatively free from debris. Our Homemade grape wine recipe is well illustrated in simple procedures. Though Homemade grape wine making sounds simple, lot of patience is required waiting for weeks at a stretch.
Servings Prep Time
30people 45minutes
Servings Prep Time
30people 45minutes
  • Black or Red Grapes – 5kg
  • Sugar 2 1/2kg
  • Water 2 1/2litres
  • 1/2 of Baker`s Yeast or any good wine yeast –
  1. For making Homemade Grape Wine, first make sure the jar or the container used for wine making is cleaned well and sanitized. Porcelain jars or earthen pots are ideal. However, for those who cannot find a pot or jar, can go for an air tight bucket too.
  2. Wash the grapes well. Try to get fresh grapes to make good quality wine.
  3. Put the grapes in the jar or the container and crush them well so that the fleshy part of the grapes is well separated from the skin to extract the juice out of it.
  4. Once the grapes are well crushed, keep it closed for sometime.
  5. Meantime, boil water in a pan and add the sugar. Stop boiling once the sugar is completely dissolved in the water.
  6. Let it cool.
  7. Now, its time to add the sugar solution to the crushed grapes.
  8. To this, add 1/2 a packet of good quality yeast, preferably wine yeast and stir the mixture well with a sanitized wooden spoon.
  9. Close the jar or the container tightly and keep it aside for 3 weeks for fermentation.
  10. Stir the contents every alternate day and check if the sweetness of the solution has lessened.
  11. Once the sweetness is almost gone, sieve the contents using a muslin cloth. Make sure the sediments are not disturbed while straining out the contents.
  12. To the sieved solution, add 1/2 kg sugar caramel and let it set for another 2 weeks. Do not open the jar during this period. The sugar caramel solution is added for extra color.
  13. After 2 weeks, open the jar and transfer the contents to glass bottles with corks tops or air tight tops.
  14. Note: Do not use cinnamon sticks or cardamom to the wine as it might spoil the natural taste of it. Fermentation should be natural for a good quality wine and hence these ingredients have to be avoided. There is no need to add rum or brandy to this as the sugar itself transforms into alcohol during fermentation.
  15. This quantity can give you at least 5 liters of grape wine.
  16. :- Enjoy the homemade grape wine.
Recipe Notes

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