Mango Pudding Easy
Mango Pudding
Servings Prep Time
4people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 30minutes
  • Alphonso mangoes(peeled and cubed) – 4nos
  • Greek yogurt(medium 122 gms, or you can use natural yogurt. Tie it in a muslin cloth so that the whey drains. Collect the thick yogurt and proceed.) – 2tubes
  • Mango jelly(melted in 2/3 cup of hot water) – 1packet
  • Evaporated milk(170 gms, chilled) – 1tin
For the top portion:
  • Mango jelly – 1/2packet
  • Mango slices in light syrup(420 gms, drained) – 1can
  1. Blend the mangoes into a pulp in a blender.
  2. Beat together the yogurt,ßmelted jelly, evaporated milk and mango pulp in a bowl until smooth.ßß
  3. Transfer into a dessert bowl and chill for 3 hours.