Maravalli Kizhangu Vada
Maravalli Kizhangu Vada is a crispy, spicy traditional snack in South India, TamilNadu. This Tapioca vada can be done when maravalli kizhangu is fresh. Maravalli kizhangu is termed in English Tapioca tuber. To prepare this Vada, we grate tapioca as thin slices , mix with a mixer of channa dal , other spices and grind coarse. Then we add mix of onions and curry leaves and drop in hot oil in small patties. This is very simple and easy to do. This is very apt for evening snack for Tea. As Tapioca is high in carbohydrates, these roots gives loads of energy and helps in weight gain. So these are suitable for persons with more physical work or growing children who needs lots of energy. Instead of Junk foods, this Maravalli Kizhangu vada can be served as a great evening snack for Kids. Using small onion in the kappa kizhangu vadai adds flavour. Soft, melt in mouth vada which had minimal ingredient, simple but flavourful. You can serve Kappa Kizhangu vadai with coconut chutney or coriander chutney or mint chutney Do try this at home during this holiday time for tea time snacks and enjoy. Here you can find the detailed recipe of this vada.
Servings Prep Time
4people 2hours
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4people 2hours
Cook Time
  • channa dal / pattani paruppu – 1cup
  • Maravalli kizhangu / Tapioca tube – 1tube
  • Onion(chopped) – 1no
  • Red chilli – 3no
  • Funnel seed – 1/2tsp
  • clove and cinnamon(each) – 1no
  • Asafeotida – 1/2tsp
  • Salt 1TSP
  • Oil(for frying) – 1cup
  • Rice – 1tsp
  1. Soak channa dal and rice for two hours
  2. Grater the Kizhangu
  3. In mixer gar add fennel seed, red chili, clove, cinnamon powder grind well
  4. Now add asafoetida powder and salt grind again
  5. Now add dal and rice grind coarsely
  6. Now transfer to bowl and add grater kizhangu
  7. Now add chopped onions and curry leaves mix well
  8. Now make small ball and keep aside
  9. Now heat Oil and flat these balls into patties. cook both sides and drain from oil.
  10. Now it’s ready to serve Hot Vada
Recipe Notes

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