Mutton And Liver Piralan
An awesome spicy delight, Mutton and Liver Piralan is a delicious combo that blends well with porotta, chappati, appam, almost anything. The thick lip smacking gravy is a mixture of varied spices with wonderful aroma and flavor. Mutton and mutton liver are nutritious rich in protein and essential nutrients. Liver is a rich source of Vitamin A and is considered a remedy for night blindness. Do not overcook the dish since mutton liver tends to become rough and rubber like. You can explore a step wise presentation of Mutton and Liver Piralan here.
Servings Prep Time
4people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 30minutes
  • Mutton – 1/2kg
  • Liver – 375gm
  • Oil 1/2cup
  • Onions(sliced) – 2cups
  • Ginger Paste – 1tbsp
  • Garlic paste – 1tbsp
  • Cloves(crushed, Grambu) – 8nos
  • Cinnamom(Karugapatta) – 3pieces
  • Cardamom(crushed, Elakka) – 6nos
  • Tomatoes(chopped) – 1/2cup
  • Turmeric powder 1/4tsp
  • Pepper corns(crushed, Kurumulaku) – 1/2tsp
  • Aniseeds(powdered, Perinjeerakam) – 1/2tsp
  • Green chillies(cut into round pieces) – 1/4cup
  • Grated Coconut(coarsely ground) – 1 1/2tbsp
  1. For preparing Mutton and Liver Piralan, first heat oil in a pan or kadai and saute` onions followed by ginger and garlic pastes.
  2. Add the spices: cloves, cinnamon and cardamom followed by chopped tomato. Allow the tomato pieces to be blended and mashed completely in low flame.
  3. Sprinkle turmeric powder.
  4. Add washed and drained mutton pieces, crushed pepper and aniseed powder. Stir well and add required salt.
  5. Pour required water and cook for few minutes.
  6. Mix coconut paste in a little water and pour it into the above gravy. Let it simmer till the gravy becomes thick.
  7. Add mutton liver cut into one inch squares.
  8. Cover the pan and pressure cook the dish till done.
  9. Open the lid and let the gravy thicken and cover the meat and liver pieces.
  10. Spicy flavored Mutton and Liver Piralan is ready. Serve and enjoy.