Paal Vazhakka
As am from Malabar region I prefer posting more traditional and authentic Malabar recipes in vazhakka is a Malabar special dessert,it’s just cook the ripe plantain in coconut milk and seasoned with cashew and raisins.
Servings Prep Time
3people 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
3people 10minutes
  1. Add coconut milk,chopped plantain,sugar and 1 cup water in to a vessel .
  2. Add crushed cardamom and 2 pinch salt
  3. Let it cook well
  4. Melt arrow root powder in half cup water and keep aside.
  5. When the bananas are well cooked and becomes thick,add arrow root water.Stir continuously and cook again for 2 minutes and remove from the flame.
  6. Heat a pan with ghee and roast cashew nuts and raisins until golden brown in colour.pour it over the prepared milk plantain mixture.mix well,the consistency must be semi thick.
  7. Yummy Paal vazhakka is ready.Serve warm or refrigerated.