Paneer Roti
Paneer Roti is a Punjabi style roti stuffed with crumbled, spiced cottage cheese. This is the most delicious recipe among all.The soft, delicious and easy to prepare healthful Paneer roti makes for an excellent breakfast or packed lunch option.
Servings Prep Time
1people 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
1people 20minutes
  • paneer chopped 1 cup –
  • onion chopped 1 cup –
  • ginger garlic crushed 1 sp –
  • capsicums 1/2 cup –
  • tomato 1/2 cup –
  • salt green chilli –
  1. in pan saute onions and capsicums
  2. add tomatoes and green chilli,salt and ginger garlic
  3. add chopped paneer
  4. add grated cheese
  5. make a chapati and sread the mix done
  6. cover it another chapati and cut the ends to desire shapes
  7. cook both side in low flame and serve