Poondu Paruppu Podi
this is an unique and tasty recipe. this is flavourful garlic smell and roasted channa dal is fried and oil and gives good taste.its instant for fast cooking.
Servings Prep Time
4people 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 15minutes
  • Fried Gram – 1cup
  • Red chili – 6
  • garlic 10flakes
  • Salt(as taste) –
  • Dry coconut 2tsp
  • Oil 2tsp
  1. In pan add oil and roast fried gram and red chili . don’t fry till black color
  2. Now add garlic and fry well in medium flame
  3. Now add required salt and mix well
  4. Now add dry coconut and mix well and turn off. don’t fry over till coconut oil comes out
  5. Allow to cool and grind well
  6. Now transfer to plate and and cool till room temperature
  7. Now its ready to serve for rice