Aalu Paratha

Typical North indian dish , but very tasty And easy toprepare no side dish required with this.

Aalu Paratha | Pachakam

Aalu Paratha

Typical North indian dish , but very tasty And easy toprepare no side dish required with this.

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By sindhu joji

Published On: 12 Feb 2015

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30 Minutes
Served : 4
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Step 1 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 1

Take flour water and salt and mix well and make chappathi dough and keep in a air tight container for half an hour.

Step 2 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 2

Boil the potatoes and mash it without any lumps.

Step 3

Take chopped onions . Ginger garlic paste and green chilly

Step 4

Heat a pan and pour oil in it and add cumin seeds let it splutter, then add savala and green chilly, then Ginger garlic paste and sauté well and cook it.

Step 5

Then add all the masalas one by one and sauté well t

Step 6 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 6

Then add mashed potatoes and salt and kasoori methi and mix well.

Step 7 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 7

After 2 minutes put the gas off and keep this masala aside and let it cool.

Step 8 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 8

Then take chappathi dough and make equal balls with it but balls must be bigger in size than chappathi.

Step 9 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 9

Take a rolling pin and slab keep tha ball there and fallen like this.

Step 10

Then take a ball of potato masala and place at the centre of the small chappathi.

Step 11 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 11

Cover that masala with the same chappathi carefully

Step 12

Completely cover the masala and carefully flatten again do not over press it.otherwise masalas will come out.

Step 13 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 13

Then heat a pan and place this paratha carefully in it.

Step 14 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 14

Brush with little ghee . The gas must be in sim. Let it there sometimes and turn it .

Step 15 Aalu Paratha Recipe

Step 15

Now your aloo stuffed paratha is ready to serve. You can have it with Puthiya chutney , or curd , or pickle .

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