Alu Wadi

A Maharashtrian Chick pea flour rolls with a garnishing of coconut, coriander leaves and mustard.

Alu Wadi | Pachakam

Alu Wadi

A Maharashtrian Chick pea flour rolls with a garnishing of coconut, coriander leaves and mustard.

By Anitha Subramanian

Published On: 03 Nov 2014

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25 Minutes
Served : 3
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  • 1) 4 Taro leaves/ colocasia leaves [chempin leaves] medium size
    Make batter
    1) 1 cup besan/ gram flour
    2) 1/4 tsp sugar
    3) Lime juice ½ lemon
    4) 1 tsp chilli powder
    5) ½ tsp coriander powder
    6) ¼ tsp turmeric powder
    7) Salt to taste
    8) Water for making batter
    For seasoning
    2 tsp oil
    1 ½ tsp mustard
    ½ tsp sesame seed
    ¼ tsp hing
    Grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves for garnishing

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Step 1 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 1

In a bowl mix well all the 1 to 8 ingredients and make batter.

Step 2 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 2

Remove the stick stems and nerves from the colocasia leaves / taro leaves[ you can find lot of small nerves and sub nerves in the back side of this leave] and wash the leaves well.Wipe them with kitchen towel and keep aside. You can start this process early a couple of leaves a time, when ever you find time.

Step 3 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 3

Spread a plastic sheet or a utensil top on kitchen platform. Place a leaf face down[ deveined portion up]. Apply a thin layer of prepared batter on the back side of the colocasia leaf.

Step 4 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 4

Place another leaf over it and apply batter.

Step 5 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 5

Fold sides and roll to form a cylindrical roll.

Step 6 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 6

Stem this roll for 30 minutes.

Step 7

The colour of the leaves will slightly change, check the roll by piercing with a pointed knife in the roll. The gram flour batter should not stick to the knife.

Step 8 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 8

Take out the roll from the steamer. Let it cool for 10 minutes and cut into equal size pieces.

Step 9 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 9

For seasoningHeat oil in a pan, add 1 1/2 tsp mustard and sesame [white or black and can add hing ] seeds

Step 10 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 10

after splutter, add this partha pieces and stir slowly for 5 minutes and little fry both sides.

Step 11 Alu Wadi Recipe

Step 11

Garnished with grated coconut [ chopped coriander also can use for garnish].

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