Apple Pie Easy

An American favourite dessert

Apple Pie Easy | Pachakam

Apple Pie Easy

An American favourite dessert

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By jelin jerry

Published On: 27 Apr 2004

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45 Minutes
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Step 1

For making the filling:-
1)Heat up a pan.

Step 2

Add apple pieces, sugar, cinnamon powder and water and cook on medium heat, till apples are soft and form a pulp.

Step 3

Keep refrigerated for further use.

Step 4

For making the crust:-
1)Mix together maida, sugar, butter and a pinch of salt and knead it, till they look like bread crumbs.

Step 5

Make a space in between the flour and pour milk and water and make it into a paste.

Step 6

Make the dough soft using fists.

Step 7

Roll it into a big ball and cover with a film of oil.

Step 8

Keep in fridge for an hour.

Step 9

:- You can keep it refrigerated for 3 days for later use.

Step 10

Take a round 9" pie pan or pie dish.

Step 11

Take two third of the dough and roll it into a round in order to fit the bottom of pie pan and a little extra to spare.

Step 12

:- The rolled out dough should be large enough so that it extends a bit over the edges of the pan.

Step 13

Smear water or egg wash over the edges, so that dough sticks to the edges of pan.

Step 14

Fill the pan with the apple pulp.

Step 15

Cover it with the rest of the dough rolled out into a round.

Step 16

:- Make sure that the covering merges with the edges.

Step 17

Cut out the protruding edges and trim it using fingers.

Step 18

Smear egg wash over the pie in a layer and sprinkle some sugar on top.

Step 19

Make 2 - 3 small cuttings on top of the pie.

Step 20

Pre heat oven to 430 farenheit(230degree celsius).

Step 21

Bake for 10 mins.

Step 22

Continue to bake in 375 farenheit(190 degrees)for 15 - 20 mins.

Step 23

:- Try it with other fillings like berries, bananas, etc.


Hi, A very detailed explanation to make a very tasty apple pie. Thank you.


keep up the good work


i love this its very tasty :D

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