Authentic Delicious Chicken 65 (Hyderabadi Style)

Chicken pieces are marinated in a lemon mixture for a long period. The marinated pieces are then shallow fried with a ketchup layer on top which is very appealing visually also.

Authentic Delicious Chicken 65 (Hyderabadi Style) | Pachakam

Authentic Delicious Chicken 65 (Hyderabadi Style)

Chicken pieces are marinated in a lemon mixture for a long period. The marinated pieces are then shallow fried with a ketchup layer on top which is very appealing visually also.

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By Vijay Krishna

Published On: 14 Oct 2007

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30 Minutes
Served : 2
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Step 1

Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces [not too small].

Step 2

In a mixing bowl, mix 3 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and salt.

Step 3

Add the chicken pieces and marinate for at least 10 mins.

Step 4

:- There should be plenty enough lemon juice to coat all the chicken.

Step 5

To this, add 1 tsp red chilly powder, 1 tsp coriander powder and half tsp turmeric and red food color.

Step 6

Mix well and allow to marinate for at least 5 mins.

Step 7

:- The more this marinates the better - you can leave it for 4 hrs or overnight in the fridge after covering the bowl. If you don`t have time, at least marinate for 5 mins.

Step 8

Transfer the above to a large microwave safe dish, cover and microwave on high for 5 mins till chicken is almost fully cooked.

Step 9

Remove from the microwave and drain & discard all the fluid - keep only the semi cooked chicken aside.

Step 10

For tempering, in a small frying pan, heat 3 tbsp of light olive oil.

Step 11

When the oil is hot, add 1 tsp of mustard seeds and cover the pan with a lid.

Step 12

Allow the mustard seeds to splutter.

Step 13

Add 2 dried red chillies and fry for a minute.

Step 14

Turn the heat to low and add 6 curry leaves and cover the pan again.

Step 15

Allow the curry leaves to splutter.

Step 16

Once the leaves are well fried and almost dry, remove from the heat and keep the tempering aside.

Step 17

In a separate large frying pan, heat 2 tbsp light olive oil and add the microwaved chicken pieces.

Step 18

:- Be careful not to add any of the water that accumulated during microwaving: this excess water should be drained as described earlier.

Step 19

Shallow fry for 5 mins.

Step 20

When the chicken is almost done, add 3 cut green chillies to the pan and continue frying for 1- 2 mins till done.

Step 21

Now the most important step - add 4-5 tbsp of tomato ketchup to the pan directly over the chicken.

Step 22

:- This is the secret in the recipe - add the ketchup directly over the chicken and allow it to coat the chicken.

Step 23

Continue frying till the chicken is coated with a fluffy layer of ketchup.

Step 24

Add the tempering from the other pan to the main pan and mix well.

Step 25

Continue to fry for 1 - 2 mins till all ingredients are mixed well and the chicken is moist but well cooked.

Step 26

:- Do not overcook.

Step 27

:- Enjoy delicious authentic homemade Chicken 65!!

T B Chakraborty

This is one of the best easy to make & super tasty recipe I personally prepared & enjoyed with my family members. The more we marinate more it tastes. I marinated with 1.5 times lemon juice and kept in Refrigerator for 12 hours keeping other ingredients same. Best dish & everybody wants to know the method.


Amazing. Tried this recipe with a little variation n came out excellent. Two thumbs up for the ketchup secret. I give this recipe five stars. ????

Winnie Sethi

Very very nice and simple. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe..

Monica Varghese

I liked this recipe but the flavor of the ketchup is really strong. I would probably try using fresh tomatoes or Tomatoe Paste next time. But over-all, I would give this recipe a B, it was tasty.


The dish is good and tasty.


Really good recipe...I just changed the method of preparation....Really came out well....I am sure my hubby will like it...Thanks

Suresh A

Flabbergasted! My kids really loved it. It was a holiday and my wife and kids went ga ga over this recipe. I became a cooking hero overnight... thanks to this recipe

Gijo George

It`s delicious.


The best chicken 65 I have ever had. Really wonderful. Recommend this to ALL INDIANS.


Very good recipe. The ketchup is definitely the magic ingredient!


Very good recipe - the ketchup adds a final hurray to the taste. Really the best of all the chicken 65 recipes on this site


The fluffiness of the outer coating of the chicken is very tasty and visually appealing also. The fried curry leaves lend it that unique flavor. Very good recipe.

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