Badusha Recipe

Soft and creamy badushas

Badusha Recipe | Pachakam

Badusha Recipe

Soft and creamy badushas

By Maneka Nirmal

Published On: 17 Jan 2005

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40 Minutes
Served : 20
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Step 1

For preparing badusha recipe, first sieve together baking soda and flour.

Step 2

Crush the nuts and keep aside.

Step 3

Beat the curd and add little sugar and ghee to make a foaming consistency.

Step 4

In a food processor, pour this liquid and add the flour mix and blend for 2 - 3 mins.

Step 5

:- No need to add water. If needed, add only curd.

Step 6

Make it into a spongy dough.

Step 7

Make small lemon size balls and roll in between palms hardly

Step 8

:- The badushas gets smooth & creamy inside, slightly layered.

Step 9

Make balls off the whole dough and press to flatten a bit and make depression in center with thumb.

Step 10

Cover with a damp cloth and keep it in the fridge for 10 mins.

Step 11

Prepare the syrup of 2 string consistency and keep it warm.

Step 12

Add Ross essence and lemon juice.

Step 13

Take the badushas from the fridge and keep it in the room temperature for 2 mins.

Step 14

Heat ghee in a pan.

Step 15

Put 3 - 4 badushas into it and simmer the flame to medium.

Step 16

Let them cook on a low heat to golden brown.

Step 17

Remove from ghee when it¦s done and drop it one by one into the syrup.

Step 18

Allow it to soak for 12 -15 mins.

Step 19

Place them in a wide plate and sprinkle nuts and saffron strings over.
sieve together baking soda and flour.

Step 20

For layered badushas:-

Step 21

Take all ingredients as for the above recipe.

Step 22

Make the syrup thicker than above.

Step 23

When it is boiling, add a tsp milk to it.

Step 24

:- The dust will float on the surface. Take it out with a spoon.

Step 25

Divide the whole dough into 2 parts.

Step 26

Roll it out into a big thin roti.

Step 27

Apply ghee and rice flour upon it.

Step 28

Roll it like a mat and on every turn, apply ghee and rice flour.

Step 29

Press a little with the rolling pin.

Step 30

Cut into 1 1/2" pieces and take each piece and press to flatten a bit and make depression in center with thumb.

Step 31

Heat the ghee in a pan and keep the flame in medium.

Step 32

Drop 3 - 4 of them into the hot ghee.

Step 33

Deep fry them on a low flame, till they turn golden.

Step 34

Dip them in the thick syrup for 8 - 10 mins.

Step 35

Place badushas in a wide plate and sprinkle nuts or roasted coconut strings.

Step 36

:- Check the heat of the ghee time to time. Otherwise, badushas may get burned.
:- If u r using ghee for frying, the taste will be awesome. But you can use ghee and oil mix to reduce your heath problems.
:- Try these out and make your own badushas at home.


This is the 3rd year in a row I am making Badusha for Diwali. This recipe has been the easiest to follow so far..


I tried this recipe ,it came out really good.Thanks for the recipe.


hi tried this recipe the badusha came out with excellent taste. thanks for sharing this recipe keep the good work


The best badusha ever tried ,came out soft and creamy Thanx a lot Maneka...

Madhupritha Anand

Hi.. I tried the layered badusha`s recipe. The dough came out to be too soft(like the one for poli) so rolling it was a little difficult. And shaping it also was tough.. Can somebody tell me what would have gone wrong?! Eager to perfect it before diwali!!! Regards Madhupritha


thanks for this excellent recipe....i tried this for diwali....n it was a great success...thanxs again !!!!


really the recipe is very good.earlier also we had tried this recipe seeing other site ,but it was not good.but this time the badhusha came out very well.thanks for the recipe.


great recipe, the best I found so far in the internet. Tastes great too.


Hi, I tried this recipe and it came out delicious. Received many compliments from family and friends. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. From now on, I can make homemade Badushas, which are healthy and fresh. Thanks.


Hi, I tried this recipe with one change. Instead of frying them in oil or ghee, I baked them like cookies at 350 degrees in the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes till they turned a light golden brown. They turned out as great as the fried ones, only with less fat/calories.


Nice came out very well.....everyone can try this....


very tasty.


YES! Its a great recipe! Never thought i could make it at home. I have always bought badushahs from the sweetshop and never made it at home. But with this recipe anyone can make it! Thanks..


I had never thought that i cud prepare Badusha. But it happened and came out good because of this recipe.

priesha mom loves badusha...and its lovely to find the recipe here...method said out clearly...and simple gona try it and first serving will be brought to temple....thanks :)

annamma kurian

just got this recipe...gonna try now..hope this `ll also turn out good..i like ur pineapple payasam was just toogood...

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