Banoffee Pie

Tasty dessert made with banana & condensed milk

Banoffee Pie | Pachakam

Banoffee Pie

Tasty dessert made with banana & condensed milk

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By Mala Shenoy

Published On: 19 Jun 2014

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35 Minutes
Served : 8
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Step 1

Fill a very large saucepan with water and place it over a high heat.

Step 2 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 2

Once the water boils, put in the can of condensed milk and leave it to boil uncovered for 2 hours during which time the condensed milk will caramelize.

Step 3 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 3

After 2 hours, carefully remove the tin from the water and leave it to cool.

Step 4 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 4

Prepare the biscuit base. Put the biscuits into a food processor and blitz till the biscuits are finely crushed.

Step 5 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 5

Step 6 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 6

Step 7

Melt the butter and add it to the crushed biscuits and mix well.

Step 8 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 8

Pour the crushed biscuits into the 8”cake tin (medium sized one) and using a spatula, press it down to create an even base.

Step 9

Put the tin in the fridge and chill for 15 - 20 minutes.

Step 10 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 10

Prepare the bananas. Peel the bananas and chop into thin slices.

Step 11

Add the bananas and toffee topping. Put the banana slice on top of the biscuit and flatten them out.

Step 12 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 12

Open the tin of condensed milk, pour it over the top of the bananas and spread it over evenly. (dip the spatula in hot water to make the spreading process easy)

Step 13 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 13

Step 14 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 14

Step 15 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 15

Refrigerate. Put the pie into the fridge for at least 20 minutes.

Step 16 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 16

Whip the cream. Pour the cream into a large bowl, placed on ice. Whip the cream till stiff with an electric beater.

Step 17 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 17

Step 18 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 18

Step 19 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 19

Add 1 tsp coffee powder to the whipped cream. Adjust it according to taste.

Step 20 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 20

Top the banoffee pie with cream. Take the pie out of the fridge and spoon the whipped cream over the top.

Step 21 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 21

Step 22 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 22

Refrigerate again. Put the banoffee pie back into the fridge and leave to chill for a further 20 minutes.

Step 23 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 23

Sprinkle coffee powder or cocoa powder on the banoffee pie.

Step 24 Banoffee Pie Recipe

Step 24

Open the seal of the cake tin, run a knife around the inside and finally, remove the tin completely and serve. (dip the knife in hot water to make the spreading process easy)

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