Chakka Varattiyathu

Chakka varattiyathu, is an extremely popular name in Kerala householdsaindeed an exclusive Kerala delicacy

Chakka Varattiyathu | Pachakam

Chakka Varattiyathu

Chakka varattiyathu, is an extremely popular name in Kerala householdsaindeed an exclusive Kerala delicacy

By Lakshmi Ram Nair

Published On: 31 Aug 2013

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30 Minutes
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Step 1

Cook the jackfruit pieces in a pressure cooker along with around 2 glasses of water up to 2 - 3 whistles.

Step 2

Allow it to cool and grind it in a mixer grinder making sure that there are no lumps or pieces in it.

Step 3

Place sharkkara along with 2 glasses of water on medium flame and stir well to dissolve it. Filter using a strainer. Keep aside.

Step 4

Heat a thick bottomed vessel. Usually big Uralis are used for this.

Step 5

Stir in the mashed jackfruit and the jaggery solution into it.

Step 6

Mix well on a low flame.

Step 7

Add ghee occasionally, stirring continuously as well.

Step 8

Stir well till the water content gets evaporated completely.

Step 9

When it thickens well, add the powdered dry ginger, powdered cumin seeds and powdered cardamom and mix well.

Step 10

Allow it to cool thoroughly.

Step 11

Store in airtight containers or bharanis for long life shelves. If you are making in small quantities, you can store it in small airtight containers and refrigerate it.

Step 12

And beware (workaholic housewives÷ and (make a curry in a hurry guys÷ as this dish is definitely not meant for youacoz it is not that easy to make as the name and the procedure implies. You¦d definitely require long standings in the kitchen and so, do try this only if you have ample time to spare. Heyadon¦t scowl and get disappointeda. :( Cheer up coz after considering the bright side of it, your face is gonna be something like thisa.:D And so, don't worry as after all that sweating and bustling in the kitchen, I¦m sure the luscious jackfruit jam you have in your hands wud be definitely worth all those effortsa. Coz the good thing is that we can store this jam in airtight utensils, which can be used later in cooking for multi-uses.

Step 13

To begin with, just try imagining the yummy jackfruit jam you¦d be having as a light dessert after a heavy meala.:) You can even stuff your kids¦ snack boxes with breads or chappathis rolled up with a generous spread of this jam and light up their faces tooa.:) And you can also make Chakka ada as an evening snack or even as a light breakfasta. Or you can even have it as a light accompaniment with Puttuahard to believe??? Well, I¦ve come across a few who do soaand it tastes good tooa. :) And of course, you can also add a small portion of this chakka jam in Sharkkara Payasams and Unnippams to enhance its¦ taste and flavor. A small secret shared by cooking experts themselvesa. :)

Step 14

So, there you area. The time and energy you are just gonna spend on this is not going to be futile as they shall definitely come handy in the long run. And I believe there are a few things or efforts in our lives which epitomizes this simple point. I always believe we shud constantly think about the fruitfulness or productivity of a particular effort before you leap into itajust to make sure your efforts don¦t go in vain and you are not left thwarted at the end of ita.Do I sound like a pessimist?? I hope nota. :)

Step 15

So, on that optimistic note, happy cooking!!!

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