Chocolate Cake-French

Chocolate cake cooked in microwave oven.

Chocolate Cake-French | Pachakam

Chocolate Cake-French

Chocolate cake cooked in microwave oven.

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By Ginu Joyce

Published On: 09 Oct 2005

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40 Minutes
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Step 1

Melt chocolate with 2 tsp of water in a glass bowl ( microwave safe) in microwave oven for 2 mins(high).

Step 2

Add butter to it and melt it (run microwave for 1 min) (high).

Step 3

Sieve well the flour and baking powder together.

Step 4

In a bowl, beat eggs well with sugar, till it becomes white.

Step 5

Add milk(prefarably cold).

Step 6

Allow it to cool before adding chocolate butter since the eggs will get cooked.

Step 7

Add chocolate-butter and mix well.

Step 8

Add sieved flour-baking powder and mix or beat well, until it is uniformly mixed and soft.

Step 9

Microwave style cooking:-
9)Choose a mould which is microwave safe.

Step 10

Add the cake mixture to it after buttering it.

Step 11

Cook it for 5 mins at half power (low) and then 5 mins at full power (high).

Step 12

:- Check whether it is cooked well by inserting a knife. It has to come out clean, if it is cooked well. If it is not cooked well, cook again at high (for one minute), till it is well cooked. don`t overcook, it will become hard.

Step 13


Step 14

Oven or grill style cooking:-
9)Take a mould and apply a thin layer of butter on the mould.

Step 15

Put the cake mixture to it and bake it at 190ªC for 30 mins.

Step 16

:- You can cover it with an aluminium foil to avoid burning the top a lot.

Step 17

:- Check whether it is cooked well. You can insert a clean knife into the cake and if it comes out clean, the cake is well cooked. If not, cook it for some more time.

Step 18

:- Time required is 30 mins for preparation and 10 - 12 mins for baking in Microwave oven.


I tried this out, came out really well. It tasted so good. Thanks a lot

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