Coconut Caramel Pudding

A pudding made using coconut powder

Coconut Caramel Pudding | Pachakam

Coconut Caramel Pudding

A pudding made using coconut powder

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By Manmith

Published On: 08 Apr 2004

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45 Minutes
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Step 1

Beat the eggs in a bowl, using an egg beater.

Step 2

In another bowl, take the coconut powder and add a little bit of water so as to make a liquid without any lumps.

Step 3

Add milk and sugar and stir well.

Step 4

Add the soaked bread pieces.

Step 5

:- Take care to put the bread pieces only. Do not add the water in which they were soaked.

Step 6

Add a little bit of vanilla essence.

Step 7

Mix this together with the beaten eggs, using an egg beater.

Step 8

Take 2 tbsp of sugar in a heavy saucepan and stir it till it becomes brown.

Step 9

Add a little bit of water and put on a low flame.

Step 10

Take a dish and butter it well.

Step 11

Add the caramel on top of this and top it again with the egg and coconut mixture.

Step 12

Insert this dish into a bigger bowl double its size. Fill the bigger bowl with water till half and cover both the dishes tightly with lids.

Step 13

Keep for 30 minutes or so.

Step 14

Check if the pudding is ready.

Step 15

Refrigerate the pudding.

Step 16

Take 5 tbsp of grated coconut and add 4 tbsp of sugar and fry in ghee, till it becomes brown.

Step 17

Garnish the pudding with the fried coconut and sugar.


i like it.very tasty.


IN THE PREPARATION METHOD No- 11 How can you close both dishes when one dish is inside the other? Also what is the temp. of the oven?


Very good!!!


Wonderful delicious and yummy. Keep it up. It really came out very well.


Its really good !

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