Elai Adai

A traditional Kerala sweet with Jackfruit jam(Chakka varatti)

Elai Adai | Pachakam

Elai Adai

A traditional Kerala sweet with Jackfruit jam(Chakka varatti)

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By chithra viswanathan

Published On: 13 Jul 2005

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30 Minutes
Served : 5
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Step 1

For the outer covering:-
1)Soak equal amounts of raw rice and boiled rice for 2 - 3 hrs.

Step 2

Grind them fine adding salt and jaggery.

Step 3

:- The consistency should be slightly (only) thinner than dosa batter.

Step 4

For the filling:-
1)If you are using fresh fruit, mince it fine, cook for a while and add jaggery and grated coconut.

Step 5

You should get the dough like consistency.

Step 6

If you are using chakka varatti , first mix grated coconut with powdered jaggery(this will be real sweet) and put it on fire and stir to make the filling.

Step 7

:- This can be done in the microwave for 4 - 5 mins.

Step 8

Add 2 tbsp(or less) of chakka varatti and mix well.

Step 9

Remove from flame.

Step 10

Take plantain leaves(this imparts the adai the real flavour) and cut them to roughly 6÷square pieces.

Step 11

Clean and show them over the stove for a few seconds to make them flexible.

Step 12

Spread 2 tbsp of the ground batter on the leaf like a thin dosa.

Step 13

Place 2 tbsp of the filling on top of it and fold it into half.

Step 14

Keep the steamer ready and steam 3 or 4 at a time for 7 - 8 mins.

Step 15

:- Serve hot or cold.


This is a traditional kerala recipe and the author's steps are perfectly consistence with how it is actually made. My grandmother and great grandmother both have been making this for me and family in exactly the same way. If you have a different way of making , that fine. But kindly don't belittle the author'sintelligentce just to be a smassy-pants and stroke your ego!


There is no way that a batter thinner than that of dosa consistency can be spread on a plantain leaf! It will ooze outta the leaf and mess up the whole place. The outer cover for the ada should be a soft dough made outta fine rice powder. Mix the rice powder with boiling salt water and prepare a soft dough. This should be spread on the leaf to make the outer cover for the ada. The rest of the recipe looks ok.

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