Fruity Sundae

Tasty dessert which takes only 5 mins to prepare

Fruity Sundae | Pachakam

Fruity Sundae

Tasty dessert which takes only 5 mins to prepare

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By Rania K

Published On: 08 Jul 2006

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10 Minutes
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  • *3 different flavoured ice-cream - 1 scoop each of 3 chosen ones(vanilla/strawberry/mango/chocolate)
    Chopped fruit (Orange/Apple)
    Chopped nuts(Almond/Cashew nuts/ Peanuts)
    Sweet sauce(Coffee sauce/ Chocolate sauce)
    Finely dried cherry
    *Wherever I put slashes (/) in the ingredients
    you just need to choose one. In the first ingredient
    you must choose three you must only put one scoop for each of the three ice-creams you choose.


Step 1

Put the 3 scoops of 3 different ice-cream into a long and thin glass.

Step 2

Add 6 - 7 chopped fruit.

Step 3

Squeeze chocolate sauce on the mixture of fruit and ice-cream.

Step 4

Sprinkle some finely chopped nuts on it.

Step 5

Top it with a cherry.

Step 6

:- Serve it after lunch or dinner.


My husband and my children loved it. It has a connection with Falouda. But, Falouda is a little difficult to make. But, this dessert just takes less than 5 minutes. Thank-you for sharing this recipe with us.


mmmm.....this dessert is really very very tasty. It just took 5 minutes for me to make it and 2 minutes to eat it! Keep sending more recipies.


I really promise that this is really Y-U-M-M-Y. I think all the teenagers and kids out there must try this.


I think all the teenagers and kids out there should try making this dessert themselves and taste it cos it is simple delicious and I am sure any baby can make this. Keep it up Rania. Our Children can improve their cooking art by making this Y-U-M-M-Y dessert.

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