Kalkal, A Colorful Sweet

A different anglo-indian recipe

Kalkal, A Colorful Sweet | Pachakam

Kalkal, A Colorful Sweet

A different anglo-indian recipe

Category : Snacks, Pure-Vegetarian

By Sujee V

Published On: 27 Feb 2005

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30 Minutes
Served : 3
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Step 1

Mix together butter and powdered sugar.

Step 2

Beat nicely, until they are blended together.

Step 3

Add the essence and a pinch of salt and beat again.

Step 4

Beat the eggs nicely, until fluffy.

Step 5

Add this to the butter-sugar mix and blend well.

Step 6

Add maida to this mixture and knead well, until you get the smooth chappathi dough consistency.

Step 7

Divide the dough into 4 parts.

Step 8

To each part, add one edible color and knead well.

Step 9

Make a small marble sized ball of the dough and press it on the inner side of a fork and roll in like a mat, without pressing hard.

Step 10

Roll the entire quantity of dough into small small rolls.

Step 11

Heat oil in a deep frying pan.

Step 12

Drop a few rolls into the oil in batches of same color and fry them out.

Step 13

:- Oil will fluff up. Take care not to let the oil overflow.

Step 14

:- Do not over fry since the kalkals will change color.


Sujee.. Thanks for sharing this simple recipe... To all those who commented bad... If u r such a great cook why are u hunting for recipes here and commenting bad.. Rather cook urself and see where u stand


My mother use to add paprika to give little spicy taste.


Thanks to Sanjeev. This was my first attempt to making kal kal and it just came out perfect. Unlike the ladies with their foolish comments on oil overflowing nothing as such happens if one knows to keep the stove in low flame and fry the kal kal. I suggest readers to try this recipe. Thanks.

Sherin D souza

This is the perfect kalkal. We make this for every christmas. My mom used to make this. This is the first time I tried the recipe following your directions and kalkals came out perfect. Adding different colors made the kalkals so colorful. My mom used to make them without adding any color. Thank you sujee. I like all your recipes. They are very authentic and the instructions are perfect. I am waiting for more and more of your recipes. sujee you are a wonderful cook indeed.


Thank you for the recipe. Could you also add what kind of essense we should use. Thank you.


I used 3 eggs... It came out perfect no oil falls...amazing....


I think the measurements are incorrect. butter is more for half a kg of maida and eggs are also more.

Debbie Cardoso

Wow-Just made Kalkals - n believe m it came out wonderful - soft - fluffy - when u eat it just melts in d mouth. Its just excellent. Thank u Sanjeev.


lakshmi,let me tell u.Sujee atleast made a contribution.instead of killing people`s inspiration by harsh words,just comment politely dear....and despite all ur words,look how polite sujee have been.even i u used to cook the best rated recipes from pachakam, but sometimes they turn out really bad,sometimes not even eatable.it doesnt mean that the recipe is bad, but just a small or big mistake spoiled the dish!but i try again making variations and that used to turn out better.thats how cooking is developed na...anyway,i have never heard about the dish before and i dono what it is...but sounds good...


Hi Nandini, Lakshmi and Sandhya!! thank you all for the valuable comments. Even when i make kalkals, the oil does fluff up but it doesnt overflow though. sorry it happened to u Lakshmi. if u want u can add may be 2 eggs and try. And Sandhya, if u add more sugar to this proportion of ing, kalkals will become too sweet and the kalkals are not supposed to be that way. but if u do like it to be a little more sweet, u can add more sugar, just make sure u add equal proportions of sugar and butter. happy cooking :)


Really awful recipe. Weight proportions are very bad. The whole recipe was a total failure. Beware please dont follow this recipe,cause you are heading for disaster. please don`t put this recipe on the internet cause u just waste peoples time and ingredients.


The measurements are not clear, sugar proportion is very less.


Very very bad recipe.... too many eggs... the oil while frying just overflowed,...... very very bad recipe..... cooking was a very bad idea and I had a very bad day coz the whole day I was just cleaning my stove coz of the overflow of the oil.... am very very dissappointed... plz make sure U first try the recipe and then post it in the internet.....


Nice one....

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