Katirikka Rasavangi

Katirikka (Brinjal) Rasavangi

Katirikka Rasavangi | Pachakam

Katirikka Rasavangi

Katirikka (Brinjal) Rasavangi

Category : Vegetarian, Curries

By ruby shamu

Published On: 04 Jul 2006

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30 Minutes
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Step 1

Cube eggplant.

Step 2

Dissolve the tamarind in a cup of water.

Step 3

Set on stove.

Step 4

Add eggplant to tamarind water, a little turmeric, salt and let cook until eggplant is done but has not lost its shape.

Step 5

In a pan with very little oil, roast red chillies, coriander seeds, Bengal gram and asafoetida.

Step 6

When you can get the aroma of roasted coriander or the red chillies have turned dark red, remove from heat and let cool.

Step 7

Place it in a blender with coconut, 3 tbsp of water and grind slowly into paste.

Step 8

Add a little water if the blade gets

Step 9

Remove from jar and wash it out with water and save this.

Step 10

Mash cooked dal with a spoon until blended and add to cooked eggplant.

Step 11

Add the coconut paste and its

Step 12

Keep on low heat till it starts to simmer a little.

Step 13

Take off heat.

Step 14

Season with spluttering mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Step 15

:- Variations: You can throw in a handful of chick peas from a can into this, thin it out somewhat and have it as katirikka sambar. Alternately, you can make the cooked dal with half toor and half chana dal, in which case you should not cook until mashed. Remove a trifle before it gets fully done.


It is easy to prepare and tasty .

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