Kerala Black Halwa

Kerala`s traditional Black Halwa is a yummy favorite at all festival and special Occasions.

Kerala Black Halwa | Pachakam

Kerala Black Halwa

Kerala`s traditional Black Halwa is a yummy favorite at all festival and special Occasions.

By Rugmini Kamalan

Published On: 21 Jun 2006

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50 Minutes
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Step 1

Soak well the raw rice or pachari in water.

Step 2

Grind it into a fine powder.

Step 3

Extract first, second and third milk from the grated coconuts.

Step 4

:- The thick coconut milk should be 1 glass, while you can extract as much as you can from the rest to get second and third milk so as to get 9 glasses. In short, you should have 10 glasses of coconut milk of which the thick milk comes to 1 glass and the rest should come to 9 glasses.

Step 5

Place jaggery in a vessel kept on flame and dissolve it in very little water and strain it to get rid of the sediments.

Step 6

Place a large vessel preferably a Urali on fire.

Step 7

Add 9 glasses (combined) of second and third coconut milk, clear jaggery solution and the rice powder.

Step 8

Mix well and see to it that no lumps are formed.

Step 9

Stir continuously.

Step 10

When it starts to thicken, pour ghee and thick or first coconut milk alternately while stirring continuously.

Step 11

When it really thickens, which you can test by taking a little of it in your hands and if it doesn¦t get sticky, then, add cashews, powdered cardamoms and vanilla essence.

Step 12

Mix well.

Step 13

Grease a flat plate with ghee.

Step 14

Pour the above hot mixture into the greased plate.

Step 15

Using a spoon coated with sufficient ghee (in order to give a glazy look to the halwa), spread the mixture well in the plate.

Step 16

Allow it to cool.

Step 17

Cut it into desired shapes.

Bindu Sind

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Anju Rajesh

wow.. it was really good ,thanku for the recipe



lizy varghese

can anybody advise who is making kerala traditional black halwa in mumbai. if , so kindly give details. 9167883097

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Using in this quantity of recipe how much quantity of Halwa be resulted ?

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