Kerala Tandoori Chicken

A tandoori chicken made by a 15 year old but really good

Kerala Tandoori Chicken | Pachakam

Kerala Tandoori Chicken

A tandoori chicken made by a 15 year old but really good

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By joseph seby

Published On: 16 Sep 2008

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40 Minutes
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Step 1

First make slits in the chicken quarters (slits should reach till bone and 3 slits in the front and 3 in the back)

2)Make a mix of chili powder, salt, and lime juice and apply deep into the slits on chicken.

Step 2

Marinate it for 30 mins.

Step 3

Take yogurt (1 table spoon for every peice of chicken).

Step 4

Add chiili powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam massala and salt and mix it up
take red color and few drops of water and pour it in the yougurt.

Step 5

Apply it on chicken (sont remove the first marination) and also oil on the chicken and marinate it for how ever maybe 1 hour minimum or you can keep it over night for better taste.

Step 6

After marination pre heat oven to 450 degress and cut up some vegetable like carrots , capsicum, chillies ( carrots and chillies shuld be in circles) and make it like a bed on the tray( spread it out). Now put the chicken on the vegetables.

Step 7

Put it in the oven for 25 - 30 mins ( check it in middle ) now take it out.

Step 8

:- If u want you can serve it like this but for a better taste
take a griddle heat it up and put chicken on top and add some chat massla and chiili powder and a little bit of lime juice (if the chicken does not have the red tandoori chicken color your can mix red color with the lime juce and put it on chicken) and griddle the chicken front and back for 5 mins
after this take some onion and halapanios and put them on the gridle add a litle of chat masala and put it till onions turn golden ( this step is optional)

Step 9

:- Serve this dish with naan or rice with fresh onions.


Hey sure you will be a culinary expert by the time you reach 25....this is a great amazed at your level of interest in cooking...keep it going ....and Well done...all the very best :)

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