Mysore Pak Yummy

Foolproof recipe for delicious mysore pak

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Mysore Pak Yummy

Foolproof recipe for delicious mysore pak

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By Sindhu Menon

Published On: 10 Feb 2008

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40 Minutes
Served : 4
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Step 1

Grease a suitable vessel and keep it ready to pour the mysorepak.

Step 2

Roast gram flour in slow fire for 2-3 minutes and sieve it to remove any lumps.

Step 3

Mix sugar, water and cardamom in a thick bottomed vessel and turn on the fire.

Step 4

When the sugar solution reaches `one thread*` stage, reduce heat and add the gram flour and ghee slowly and stirring all the time so that the flour does not form lumps (you may need some help in doing this)

5)Continue cooking, in medium flame, stirring continuously.

Step 5

Ultimately the whole mixture forms into one mass and when you stir, the part that detach from the pan will have sort of small air bubbles on its surface.

Step 6

Pour into the greased vessel.

Step 7

After a couple of minutes, cut into diamond shapes.

Step 8

Leave it for 5 - 10 minutes to set.

Step 9

* Touch the sugar syrup from spoon with which you are stirring, with one finger. Touch this finger with another finger - if it forms one thread, it is in `one thread` stage. Lots of bubble appear in the solution at this time. Please take care not to overdo it and cross to two thread stage.

Step 10

:- This recipe should you give you `solid` mysorepak. If you reduce cooking time, you will get the `soft` type of mysore pak. If you overdo it, it will become powdery.

Dhanya Menon

Hi.... just now i tried ur recipe.It came out well. I think this Recipe is very good. actually i was looking about `mysorepack` recipe. thank u so much.....

suhaila ppthanks

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