Pesaha Appam

Pesaha Appam (Maundy Thursday Bread without Yeast)

Pesaha Appam | Pachakam

Pesaha Appam

Pesaha Appam (Maundy Thursday Bread without Yeast)

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By Romy Joy

Published On: 13 Apr 2006

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30 Minutes
Served : 6
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Step 1

For making appam:-
1)Grind together rice flour, uzhunnu, coconut and salt to get a batter, the consistency of that of idli batter.

Step 2

Grease preferably steel plates of medium round shape.

Step 3

Pour batter in one and make a cross of palm leaf obtained on palm sunday on it.

Step 4

Steam till well done.

Step 5

:- Test with a toothpick.

Step 6

Make all other appams the same way but with no cross.

Step 7

:- Dhokla Stand is very good for this.

Step 8

For making sauce:-
1)Place molasses in a saucepan.

Step 9

Add some water and heat well.

Step 10

Allow it to boil. While boiling, a lather forms.

Step 11

Strain the above liquid molasses.

Step 12

Mix together coconut milk and rice flour with cardamom powder and pour the mixture into melted molasses and stir continuously, till it becomes a thick sauce.

Step 13

:- Make sure no lumps are formed.

Step 14

:- As the tradition goes, the head of the family cuts the appam and gives it to other members, oldest to youngest respectively, after dipping in Sauce. This is done in great reverence and in a pious atmosphere.


Think this one is going to help me out in this Pesaha even though I prefer a garlic smell in it. Anyway thanks a lot....Happy Easter!!


Hi, I used to bake them in the oven, since my family loves the baked version for baking. You need little more water as in a cake batter. Add lots of oil in the bottom and top, cook till it is well done and outsides are crunchy. Do not put fried onions in the top or bottom, since it can get burned in baking. Cut when warm, if you want in shapes. I make this in bulk for our church in mondi-thursday and everybody loves it.

annhi sk.. please can you tell how you did this in oven.o was thinking of using cake tin.. what temperature should i cook this with and how long?

preetha Joseph

Thank you so much for sharing this tradition with us. I used your recipe last year and it turned out good. Will be making again this year.Thank you.

Mony Anup

I am so thankful to you on this Maundy thusday. In spur of the moment i decided to do the appam and your recipie was so helpful. Thank you!!!!!!!


I was also searching for a recipe for Pesaha Appam. Thanks a lot for posting this recipe. I am going to try it tomorrow. My mother used to blend the appam flour with vellulli instead of kunjulli. I think this will give a different flavor.


This is the perfect recipe for Pesaha Appam. Thank you so much for this recipe. It really helped a lot to make the appam for Pesaha. Thank you once again


usually I dont soak the Urad dal.I dry roast this in low flame and grind it not very fine.Then I mix it with the coarsely grind rice.Then I will fry the kunjulli,curry leaves in oil and then mix it with the flour. Garlic-jeera paste also enhances the flavour.


At my home we do not use urad in this recipe For those in US Idly rice is a good option to soak and grind. Baking gives a real good taste and serve with Rava kachi.


hi, Before i cud try the recipe out i`m thanking u for sharing it with us. i was unaware how to make this and thanks to u i do wanna keep up the tradition. In Australia, nobody`s got the time to make them but i wanna retain the memories so will be definitely making it.Do keep up the good work! regards, priscilla.

Rose Paul

I am yet to try this before I can rate this recipe. However thankyou very much for posting it on the site. I wasnt aware of this practice till my marriage. This year I have decided to prepare appam and have this at home. It is indeed nice of you to share the same with all of us.


here in america no one has time to make this sacred appam and paal. next year im going to do it for all our families here.thanx a million. come with more recipes,


thanks for the recipe of the sauce.... back in india we call this pesaha paal. I love this.... brings back old memories. I think this paal is made in only some parts of kerala. Most people make only the appam. Thanks again.


Can anyone tell me how to do this in oven?

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