Porotta that we get in Kerala thattukada

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Porotta that we get in Kerala thattukada

By jijo peter

Published On: 08 Oct 2006

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1 Hours
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Step 1

Beat egg in a bowl.

Step 2

Add milk, butter, salt and sugar and beat well.

Step 3

Mix maida and add warm water as required.

Step 4

Make a dough and keep covered with wet cloth for 2 - 3 hours.

Step 5

Beat the dough with your hands.

Step 6

:- The softness of porotta depends on the way it has been beaten and the water content in the dough. More water gives softer dough.

Step 7

Make small balls and keep aside.

Step 8

Take each ball and spread it lengthwise with your hand on a smooth surface (Granite kitchen table is fine).

Step 9

Apply oil on both surfaces and keep spreading it until you get a thin film of dough (it requires some skill).

Step 10

Fold it lengthwise, curl it, spread it again with chappatti roller into a fine round poratta.

Step 11

Cook them on a greased tawa.

Step 12

Preserving fresh porotta:- You can preserve uncooked porotta in the refrigerator for long. After rolling the dough into porotta shape, place them one top of another, using butter paper to separate them. Keep them in the freezer. When you required, lift off each frozen porotta carefully, remove the separating butter paper, cook them on a greased tawa.


actually this is one of the corect methods to make naadan porotta....but it requires experience and skill...


Cannot balme the auther...he said it require some skill...ha ha


haha,mohandas i can`t stop lafin.......

Mohandas Warrier

After I made the Parotta using this recipe I set it aside and went to a nearby Thattukada and had delicious and layery parotta! Thank you.

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