Spanish Omelette Easy

Omelette with potatoes - apt for breakfast

Spanish Omelette Easy | Pachakam

Spanish Omelette Easy

Omelette with potatoes - apt for breakfast

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By Tina Alexander

Published On: 04 Mar 2011

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20 Minutes
Served : 2
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Step 1

Peel and dice potatoes to small pieces. Sprinkle the potato pieces with little salt.

Step 2

In a pan add oil and when it is hot, add the potatoes to it carefully as the salt may make oil splatter.

Step 3

After 1 minute of frying, add diced onions and chopped garlic to it. Fry in medium heat.

Step 4

In the meantime, in a large bowl whisk egg with salt and pepper.

Step 5

Once the potato is cooked, drain it from the oil and add it into the egg mixture.

Step 6

Coat the potatoes well with the egg.

Step 7

Heat a skillet(preferably a nonstick one) and brush it with oil.

8)Add the egg mixture to it and spread the potato evenly to completely cover the base. Lower the heat to medium and continue to shake the pan frequently until half cooked.

Step 8

In order to turn the omelette upside down, take a plate and cover the pan. Invert the omelette holding the plate.

Step 9

Brush the skillet with oil and slide the omelette slowly back to the skillet on its uncooked side. Cook until completely set.

11)Allow the omelette to cool and then cut into wedges and serve.

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