Spicy Soya Curry

Instead of The Usage Of Dry Masala Powders, Whole Spices Is Used To Make This Curry All The More Spicy And Aromatic

Spicy Soya Curry | Pachakam

Spicy Soya Curry

Instead of The Usage Of Dry Masala Powders, Whole Spices Is Used To Make This Curry All The More Spicy And Aromatic

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By Lakshmi Ram Nair

Published On: 02 Sep 2013

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30 Minutes
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Step 1

Soak the soya chunks in hot water for around 30 minutes or so.

Step 2

Discard the water and squeeze the excess water off the soya chunks and keep it aside. You can also cut it into halves.

Step 3

Grind together onion, ginger, garlic and the whole spices into a fine paste.

Step 4

Heat oil in a pan and sautT the above paste in it.

Step 5

Grind or rather blend the tomatoes in the same grinder.

Step 6

When the onion mixture is sautTed well and the raw smell is gone, add the blend tomatoes into the pan and continue to sautT.

Step 7

When the oil starts to separate from the sides of the pan, add the turmeric powder, chilly powder, chicken masala powder and sautT well further.

Step 8

Add soya chunks followed by salt and enough water and mix well. You can also add a little chopped coriander leaves at this stage.

Step 9

Simmer on low flame until the gravy thickens and the soya chunks are cooked well.

Step 10

Add the garam masala powder and mix well.

Step 11

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

Step 12

Serve warm with rotis or pulao.

Step 13

Options available v:

Step 14

You can also start the process with a tempering of Cumin seeds to make it more aromatic.
You can also reduce the quantity of the spices and masala powders accordingly.
You can also use green chillies while grinding. However, do make sure to reduce the quantity of chilly powder accordingly. But since this would reduce the colour and texture of the dish, I strongly suggest to use chilly powder for best results. And so, though the whole dish has a substantial reddish hue to it, I¦m sorry my picture didn¦t do total justice at all and lacks that spicy and hot colour.
You can also add in a couple of baby potatoes or hard-boiled eggs and make it all the more wholesome.
You can even use the base recipe for the gravy to make spicy Egg curry or spicy Mushroom curry.
You can also add cashew paste to make it more thick and rich.

Step 15

So, finally you have an effortless and healthy dish that can be prepared in a jiffy and that too devoid of loads of ingredients; infact making it a very good bachelor dish.

Step 16

Cooking food, I mean tasty food, as they say is a helluva job coz you are never satisfied until you get it right. You are satisfied only when your loved ones¦ appetites are satisfied. And when finally you are happy with the final verdict or the outcome of you efforts, you have this urge to go further to persist your quench to be satisfied again. Nothing wrong with that as we only want to make others happy thereby eventually attaining happiness for ourselves too.

Step 17

But I guess same is not the case with the contemporary human lives. Man seems to be never satisfied with anything; infact anything at all. He¦s always on the lookout for superfluous contentment; even if he is cent per cent content with his existing normal life. He goes on to make his life happy even if it brings about unhappiness to others. So, this so-called contentmentais it really worth his efforts if it has been achieved at other¦s costs?? Pls do think about it. Hopefully, everyone will.

Step 18

So, on that contented note, happy cooking!!!

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