Spicy Vegetable Stew

A colorful and attractive combination of cooked assorted veggies and coconut milk along with a few mild spices

Spicy Vegetable Stew | Pachakam

Spicy Vegetable Stew

A colorful and attractive combination of cooked assorted veggies and coconut milk along with a few mild spices

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By Lakshmi Ram Nair

Published On: 31 Aug 2013

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30 Minutes
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Step 1

Since we are talking about saving time in cooking, better pressure-cook the chopped veggies after adding enough water and salt, upto 1 whistle. You can also cook in an open vessel. Though better, go for pressure-cooking to save time and energy.

Step 2

After opening the lid, add the whole spices and cook, till all the water gets evaporated. You can also add cooked green peas at this stage.

Step 3

Reduce the flame and add the thick coconut milk.

Step 4

Do not boil. Just heat it through.

Step 5

Check the level of salt and add more if required.

Step 6

Add curry leaves and remove from fire.

Step 7

Serve warm with hot appams.

Step 8

If this is not spicy enough for you, you can also add a tsp of Garam masala powder and mix well. So you get a whole stew dish in 5 simple steps. The only additional time u might need would be to extract coconut milk, which too could be prepared by mixing instant coconut powder. So there you goa within minutes, a veg stew ready on your table to be served with hot appams or rotisa.Another good thing is that it is highly relished by kids too thx to its striking color combo combined with its mild hotness and spiciness. And now for those whose taste buds are not completely satisfied with my version of this mildly spiced stewaComing up for u a simple and easy Masala stew recipe which doesn¦t completely compromise on the spice factor. Again innovated keeping in mind those above factors.

Step 9

You¦d require:

Step 10

Potatoes (diced)

Step 11

Carrots (diced)

Step 12

A cup of Thick coconut milk

Step 13

Salt v As required

Step 14

+ tsp of turmeric powder

Step 15

+ tbsp of Eastern chicken masala powder

Step 16

tsp of Coconut oil

Step 17

tsp of Mustard seeds

Step 18

v 2 broken Dry red chillies

Step 19

A few Curry leaves

Step 20


Step 21

Place the cubed potatoes and carrots in a pan along with sufficient water.

Step 22

2)Add turmeric powder and salt and allow it to cook.

Step 23

3)When it¦s done, add the masala powder and mix well.

Step 24

4)Reduce the flame.

Step 25

5)Add the thick coconut milk and stir well.

Step 26

6)Do not boil after adding the coconut milk. Just heat it through.

Step 27

7)Heat a tsp of oil in another small pan and splutter mustard seeds followed by sautTing red chilies and curry leaves.

Step 28

8)Add the above tempering into the curry and mix well.

Step 29

This particular masala stew indeed goes very well with appams, rotis and even pooris. And wht¦s more, it requires only a few ingredients and can be made in minutes making it extremely suitable for cooking novices and bachelorsa. Can sure save a lot of time n energy to make an instant breakfast, especially in the present scenario, where time plays a key part in day-to-day lives. As the saying goes, time is precious as it waits for nonea.but again he who knows the value of time and who makes the clock hands tick for him is wise and surely would go on to make history. So, be the first one to do that!!!!

Step 30

So, on that timely note, happy cooking!!!!!

Notes :

Tasty Dish

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