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Gooseberry in honey

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Then Nellikka & Vine

Gooseberry in honey

Category : Beverages, Smoothies

By Bindu Hari

Published On: 14 Jan 2007

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15 Minutes
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Step 1

Wash gooseberries in water and dry them on a towel.

Step 2

Take a clean glass vessel and put them.

Step 3

Pour 250 gm of honey and put turmeric powder.

Step 4

Mix well and close tightly. Shake at times.

Step 5

Keep for 21 days.

Step 6

:- All the water from gooseberries will be drained by that time.

Step 7

Remove them from the water and put in another vessel.

Step 8

Strain the liquid(vine) into a clean bottle and keep for 21 days.

Step 9

:- This is a very healthy vine.

Step 10

Add balance 250 gm honey and keep for 4 months.

Step 11

When the gooseberries become sweet with honey, you can eat one per day.

Step 12

:- Its said that it prevents hair greying.


Hi BIndu,We are about to put pitted amlas in honey like you suggested, the only difference is we are making vine, but leaving amlas in the honey and preserve them for an year supply. And after every 15 days open the big jar and take out 15 days supply to consume and close the big jar . Can you tell me what is the maximum time that we preserved this way.


its good and tasty...also it improved stomach and digesion...

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