Vazhappoo Vada

Vazhappoo Vada (Banana Flower Nuggets)

Vazhappoo Vada | Pachakam

Vazhappoo Vada

Vazhappoo Vada (Banana Flower Nuggets)

Category : Snacks, Pure-Vegetarian

By Maria Samuel

Published On: 25 Jun 2004

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30 Minutes
Served : 4
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Step 1

Soak Bengal gram in water and keep aside, till soft enough to be ground.

Step 2

Peel the banana flower stalk (each layer will have many tiny flowers). Remove the outer layers, till you find no more tiny flowers. This last bit inside should be chopped into fine pieces.

Step 3

Take water in a vessel, add a spoon of curd and immerse the chopped pieces in the mixture. Keep aside for half an hour to remove any sap.

Step 4

Wash it well and boil it in water with little turmeric powder and salt.

Step 5

When done, remove all remaining water and keep aside to cool.

Step 6

Squeeze out any remaining water.

Step 7

Grind Bengal gram or channa dal, green chillies, ginger, garlic, cinnamon stick, cardamom and cumin seeds together.

Step 8

When done, add the banana flower pieces to the mixture.

Step 9

Make tiny balls and flatten them with hand to the shape of vadas.

Step 10

Heat a little oil in a pan.

Step 11

Dip these in beaten eggs and roast both sides in oil, until brown.

Step 12

*The banana flower is the flower of the banana tree. If you open the inside of the flower stalk, you can see small flowers that would turn into banana.


excellent recipe..

meenu sumesh

chilavukuranja oru snacks i like these recipe


I saw banana flowers in the health food store and thought it would be interesting to try as something different. Thinking I would look it up first, I noticed the outer leaves started to wilt so I trimmed and quartered it lengthwise with out removing the petals. It was very decorative but we did not know to only eat the small inner flower parts and found the petals to be somewhat astringent. So I looked it up on here and found my mistake and your wonderful recipe which I will try soon. I do think it would have been fine in the Thai green curry chicken I made if I had removed the unnecessary parts. I do like the sound of this recipe and will let you know how I like it when I make it. Thanks for posting this.


Thank you for the recipe. It`s Superb. I tried out the recipe in the same way given except the dipping in egg part. It turned out fine. Hat off to you. Keep up the good work.

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