Dal Kozhukattai

this is one of the dish and sweet for ganesh chaturti

Dal Kozhukattai

Dal Kozhukattai

this is one of the dish and sweet for ganesh chaturti

By Karthika Rajendran

Published On: 09 Sep 2015

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  • Thoor Dal 1 cup
    jaggery 1/2 cup
    cardamom 2 tsp
    rice flour 1 cup
    salt 1 tsp
    hot water as required

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Step 1 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 1

boil and smash the dal and powder the jaggery and cardamom

Step 2 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 2

in bowl mix the smashed dall, jaggery and cardamom powder

Step 3 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 3

in another bowl add hot water, salt and rice flour and mix

Step 4 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 4

and make as a dough

Step 5 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 5

from a dough take small amount and make as a round shape

Step 6 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 6

stuff the dall mixture and close the rice flour

Step 7 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 7

heat the steamer and keep the dall kozhukattai and allow to boil for 15 to 20 mins

Step 8 Dal Kozhukattai Recipe

Step 8

now dall kozhukattai is ready to serve

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