Mixed Vegetable Curry – North Indian Cuisine
Mixed Vegetable Curry is a delicious as well as nutritious blend of a variety of healthy veggies. The color of the dish is very tempting to behold. Mixed Vegetable Curry is a semi dry dish with very little gravy that goes well with chappati, roti or pooris. Sharing an authentic Mixed Vegetable Curry dish that can be cooked in a limited time frame. The recipe is well illustrated in short simple sentences keeping new comers and bachelors in mind. Chopped onions and tomatoes are fried in oil followed by spice powders. Cleaned and chopped vegetables are stirred in and cooked in their own juices in low flame. Mixed Vegetable Curry tastes great and is a comfort food. Mixed Vegetable Curry should be included in your daily meal plan.
Servings Prep Time
3people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
3people 30minutes
  • Carrots(cut into tiny cubes) –
  • Potatoes(cut into tiny cubes) –
  • French beans(cut into tiny cubes) –
  • Cauliflower(florets) – 50g
  • Peas(frozen) – 1/2pack
  • Onions(finely cut) – 1cup
  • Chillies – 2-3nos
  • Tomatoes – 2-3nos
  • Cloves 2-3nos
  • Cinnamon – 1stick
  • Bay leaves – 1-2nos
  • Ginger(garlic paste – 1 tsp) –
  • Red chilly powder – 1tsp
  • Turmeric powder 1tsp
  • Garam masala powder – 1tsp
  • Mustard seeds(as reqd) –
  • Cumin powder(as reqd) –
  • Vegetable oil 4tbsp
  • Salt(to taste) –
  • Coriander leaves(chopped) –
  1. Heat oil in a pan and put Mustard seeds.
  2. Once mustard seeds splatters, put all the spices and fry. Then add the onions and fry till light brown. 3)Add tomato and saute until oil separates.
  3. Add the vegetables and cook on low flame. :- Mixed Vegetable Curry is ready!! :- Garnish the Mixed Vegetable Curry with coriander leaves!! :- Serve the Mixed Vegetable Curry hot!!!