Akki Roti - North Indian Style


Akki Roti - North Indian Style | Pachakam

Akki Roti - North Indian Style


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By Pinky R

Published On: 03 Sep 2002

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30 Minutes
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Step 1

Mix all the ingredients(except oil) in warm water and knead well to make soft dough.

Step 2

Take butter paper or thick glossy paper. Pour 1 tsp oil on it and spread it with your hand. Take a lemon sized ball of the dough and pat it on the paper with hand like roti. Spread little oil on top of it.

Step 3

Then carefully place the prepared roti on the tawa(butter paper on the upper side) and immediately remove the butter paper slowly.

Step 4

:- If you feel uncomfortable with it, then make thick rotis and take it on your palm and place it on the tawa.

Step 5

Cook well on both sides till golden brown.

Step 6

Follow the same procedure with the remaining dough.


This is called Thalipeth in marathi.The variation is that we use mix rice flour with a jowar and bajri flours to make it more nutrious.If you do not have butter paper, you could use "ziploc" bags with a little oil on them.


tasty not so bad

Sujyothi Arjun

This being my home town[Karnataka] dish..is excellent and very fast and easy to make..i happened to read this here and realised a few suggestions may help. I found that its difficult to find items to flatten the dough,instead of making it roti like elsewhere and then putting it on the tava,try washing the tava and making it thin on the tava itself and cooking.this way u can ensure its thin and also easy to make. After one is done u can wash the tava and repeat the process. Also,if you have to make it for a party or when u have many people,try making small ones where in u can make three or four at once. If u are using the non-stick pan...washing it when hot may cause damage to the tava in the long run...its best to make it in a kadai{the older the kadai...the better:-)} If you have two kadais...its a boon...u can keep it on two burners which makes the process faster. Since its Rice roti..its heavy and..well..u don have to make too many because its filling. Serve it with Coconut chutney!!

Shreela Sashital

You could also try this alternative: Smear oil on a 6"x6" square of banana leaf. Place the ball of akki as per your recipe in the centre, cover with same size butter paper and then press with the underside of a thaali to the desired thickness.


Akki roti came out very good. The taste was fabulous. And more over it is very easy to prepare. Thanks a lot for a wonderful recipe.


came out very poor!!!! the final outcome was very thick and not really edible.very difficult to make a thin layer of the dough to fry.hence once fried,it was kind out uncooked.maybe you can think of adding some other ingredient (like eg:maida) and improve the consistency of the dough.


Tastes good. Difficult to prepare without butter paper.

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