Buttermilk Sambar

Buttermilk Sambar (Mor Kozhambu)

Buttermilk Sambar | Pachakam

Buttermilk Sambar

Buttermilk Sambar (Mor Kozhambu)

Category : Vegetarian, Curries

By Silpa Surendran

Published On: 28 Sep 2001

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20 Minutes
Served : 5
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Step 1

Cut and boil any one of the above mentioned vegetables
in water with tamarind.

Step 2

Heat the oil in a pan.

Step 3

Fry the Bengal gram, red gram, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds and green chillies.

Step 4

To this mixture, add shredded coconut and fresh coriander leaves.

Step 5

Dry grind all of them together and add it to the boiling vegetables.

Step 6

Allow it to continue to boil for few minutes.

Step 7

Add salt to it.

Step 8

Bring it down from the stove.

Step 9

After it cools, add the buttermilk to it.

Step 10

Garnish it with fried mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Step 11

:- For those not wanting a tangy taste, boil the vegetables in plain water instead of the water with tamarind.

Step 12

:- Buttermilk Sambar (Mor Kozhambu) is ready.

Step 13

:- Serve Buttermilk Sambar (Mor Kozhambu) with rice.

Step 14

:- If you do not like Buttermilk Sambar (Mor Kozhambu) you can mix sugar with it and have it with rice. This is a tip of people who doesnt like curd or Buttermilk Sambar (Mor Kozhambu.

swetha surya

Thanks a lot for posting this. It had been a long time eating Morkulambu Sambar with rice. After eating i got reminded of my mom. Thanks again for the recipe.


Hi All,Pls dont discourage whoever sends their recipe, They have the rights to name their recipe and its upto you to try out in cooking and tasting or not..better dont leave harsh comments as if you are the catering head or cheff....instead giving suggestions would better encourage them.

lekhsmi Menon

Look like you have no clue about cooking ,or naming a dish .Just for the sake of posting a recipe ,please dont do this kind of stuff.There are people get fooled by this.


The article is very good.Confusion about Sambhar or Kootan is because of language. It is Kootan for any curry in Tamil and when Tamarid is used it is called Sambhar. When you use buttermilk it is kootan. You can call it Moorkottan. When more than one vegetable is used it is Avial. Both Tamarid or Buttermilk are not used,only one is used. Sambhar is Tamarid Kootan.

Kalliani nair

If buttermilk is used, tamarind is not necessary. Either is enough.All watery curry is not sambar which is treditional item in whole of south.

Sanjeev Rao Kulkarni

We call this as "Paladya" ( Gulbarga Kannada language). The only differance is we add chana powder instead of Chana Dal and use thick butter milk. ( water content should be less). otherwise every thing is nice.


i looked for the rating bfr cooking ,gosh ...whatever it is called or added just try it out and say if its good or not!!!!! such comments does create confusion and u might end up not tryg out a good recipe....

annamma sunny

it was not good

Malar Gandhi

Hey....it was too good. My hubby cooked it for me. They call it Aviyal in kerela (buttermilk, coconut, tamarind), thoor dal in buttermilk is called morkuzhambu in tamil nadu, whatever you name it....matters nothing. Sugar is sweet in all the languages.


Curry is a British mish mash of a word (from Tamil, meaning vegetable)- refers to the nine ten colonially derived curries that rule in the UK. Sambaar always, always has a base of tomato, toor daal and tamarind - its a very south indian (tamilian) thing. Anything further can be added to this combo and it would still be sambaar. Curry means everything and nothing.


i doubt whether this is a recipe site or a fighting site.LOL

Surya Murthy

Deepthi, how does it matter wether it is called Curry or Sambhar, as far as such a good recipe is available all that u must be interested in cooking it and eating it


Deepti, I think you might be a north indian or doesnt know cooking.Else you wont have posted that comment.The Morkzoambu receipe is very good.


Very good I like it


It would be better to name it as buttermilk curry instead of samabar since sambar itself is aa kind of curry and not a synonym for the word curry.

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