Grape Wine

Fresh grapes fermented in earthen pot in the traditional style.

Grape Wine | Pachakam

Grape Wine

Fresh grapes fermented in earthen pot in the traditional style.

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By Mia Varghese

Published On: 03 Mar 2010

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30 Minutes
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Step 1

Mix yeast with 100g sugar and add 3 cups slightly warm water. Stir and cover with a lid and allow it to ferment.

Step 2

Pluck grapes from the branches and wash nicely. Drain and put the grapes in an earthen pot.

Step 3

Add fermented yeast, wheat grains, remaining sugar, measured water and the beaten egg to the grapes.

Step 4

Close the mouth of the pot with a cloth and replace the lid.

Step 5

Everyday at the same timing, open the pot and stir the grapes.

Step 6

After 23 days, open the pot and sieve the contents. Clean the earthen pot and pour back the wine into the pot.

Step 7

For color, add sugar caramel.(optional)

Step 8

Now, close the pot again with a cloth and replace the lid tightly. Do not touch at all till 2 weeks.

Step 9

After 2 weeks, grape wine is ready and pour out into clean glass bottles.

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