Kappa Ularthu

It is a dry fry dish made with cooked kappa seasoned with lots of chilly powder and garlic and sautTed until dry and crispy

Kappa Ularthu | Pachakam

Kappa Ularthu

It is a dry fry dish made with cooked kappa seasoned with lots of chilly powder and garlic and sautTed until dry and crispy

Category : Vegetarian, Curries

By Lakshmi Ram Nair

Published On: 30 Aug 2013

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30 Minutes
Served : 4
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Step 1

Cook tapioca pieces along with salt in a pressure cooker, till done.

Step 2

Cut them into small or medium sized pieces. Keep it aside.

Step 3

Crush (do not chop or slice) the small onions and the unpeeled garlic pods.

Step 4

Heat oil in a pan or a kadai.

Step 5

Splutter mustard seeds.

Step 6

Add crushed small onions and crushed garlic and sautT for a while.

Step 7

Reduce the flame and add turmeric powder followed by chilly powder and fry. See to it that it doesn¦t get burnt.

Step 8

Add curry leaves and saute again.

Step 9

Add a little salt, if necessary.

Step 10

Add the chopped tapioca pieces.

Step 11

Stir well for a few minutes till the whole mixture gets mixed well. You can pour in a couple of tsp of oil too if the whole thing gets too dry.

Step 12

Remove from flame when done.

Step 13

Garnish with sautTed curry leaves.

Step 14

Serve it piping hot.

Step 15

And so there you area a spicy kappa delicacy on your table within no time waiting for you to dig in. A perfect tea time snack too in case you have a couple of cooked kappa left over. And not too sure if it would be appreciated by kids as my little one always turns his face off to the sight of kappa.

Step 16

As a matter of fact, Kappa is one of a kind that is extremely popular globally too and holds a rather predominant place in Kerala households particularly among the poorathough nowadays highly preferred by rich tooa.Thankfully, taste buds do not have class and discrimination as many of the human minds do.

Step 17

Speaking of such discrimination, actually, it is extremely disheartening to see the existence of such hard-core racial and class discrimination even today in the 21st century and I think its¦ high time we eradicated the word (Inequality÷ from this planet. So guys, as a first step, look around, reach out for the downtrodden, treat them as equals, help them in every possible way and bring big smiles to their facesa just like the ones this kappa ularthu is gonna bring to yours!!! and that shud be something like this.

Step 18

So, on that note, happy cooking!!!!

Notes :

Tasty dish

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