Kumbalanga Kichadi

Kumbalanga kichadi

Kumbalanga Kichadi | Pachakam

Kumbalanga Kichadi

Kumbalanga kichadi

Category : Vegetarian, Curries

By Dhanya Ranjith

Published On: 31 Jul 2007

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20 Minutes
Served : 3
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Step 1

Cook the kumbalanga pieces added with curd, water and salt.

Step 2

Add well choped green chillies, ginger, white & red onion and boil.

Step 3

Add coconut milk and remove the pot from fire.

Step 4

Heat oil in a pan.

Step 5

Splutter mustard seeds and saute red chillies, pepper and curry leaves.

Step 6

Add these to the cooked kumbalanga.

Step 7

:- Serve with rice.

Step 8

:- Use a clay pot (chatti) for cooking vegetable to get more taste.

Step 9

:- You can use vellarikka, ilavan, pappaya etc instead of kumbalanga.


It was an average dish. But if we add curd in the beginning stage with the kumbalanga, water and salt after boiling the water and curd got seperated. So I think we have to cook kumbalanga, water and salt and then add curd along with the coconut milk.

ShyamaYou are right. First cook kumbalanga with water and salt only. Once it is cooked, then add curd


Hi Dhanya Your recipe sounds good....Should we cook the kumbalanga together with curd? Please comment.....


Kichadi is one of the best I have tasted... Post more


i feel ur Curry is good. But what is kumblanga?...........pls try to write the english version...........b`coz we are speaking other languages it is difficult to know ur language...............i will try ur recipe..................thanx


add well choped green chilly, ginger, white & red onion. until it boil. add coconut milk and leave the pot from fire. - sorry i did`nt get ur english.............................

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