Lime Granita

A fantastic cool treat on a hot summer day

Lime Granita | Pachakam

Lime Granita

A fantastic cool treat on a hot summer day

Category : Desserts, Pudding

By Ramzeen AbduRahman

Published On: 02 Aug 2014

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10 Minutes
Served : 2
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  • Water : 5 cup
    Sugar : 2 cup
    Lime juce
    freshly squeezed and sieved : ½ cup
    Salt : a pinch
    Green color : few

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Step 1 Lime Granita Recipe

Step 1

Mix the sugar, salt and water in a pan and bring it to a boil.

Step 2

Give it about 4 - 5 minutes from the point when it starts boiling, then switch off.

Step 3 Lime Granita Recipe

Step 3

Let this syrup cool down, then add your freshly squeezed lime juice and a few drops of color.

Step 4

Mix together well, then pour it into a dish. Cover and freeze it for a little while until it starts to set.

Step 5

Remove the dish and, using a fork, scrape everything until it looks like crumbs, then cover and put the dish back.

Step 6

Again a couple hours or so later, remove the dish and scrape it up once more and cover and return it back into the freezer.

Step 7

This process gives your granita that lovely slushy icy crumbly look and texture.

Step 8 Lime Granita Recipe

Step 8

Whenever you're ready to have it, scrape it up quickly again using a fork, then serve and garnish with mint or lime slices or even lime rind.

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