Mothichur Laddoo

A Diwali sweet

Mothichur Laddoo | Pachakam

Mothichur Laddoo

A Diwali sweet

By sumin firosh

Published On: 13 May 2007

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45 Minutes
Served : 6
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Step 1

Mix the flour and baking powder well.

Step 2

Add the milk and some water and blend well to make a batter thin enough to pour.

Step 3

Mash the lumps of flour, if any.

Step 4

Make a syrup by boiling the sugar with about 750 ml of water.

Step 5

When the syrup thickens to a stringy consistency, remove from flame.

Step 6

Heat the ghee or oil in a large frying pan till it begins to smoke.

Step 7

Pour the batter into a sieve or perforated laddoo hand-pan, and tap the rim so that the batter falls through into the oil in small drops.

Step 8

:- It should not drip in strings.

Step 9

Stir and turn over till the boondis begin to brown lightly.

Step 10

Gather them with a perforated ladle, let the oil drain away, and put them into the syrup.

Step 11

Once all the boondi has been prepared and put into the syrup, add the dry fruits and cardamom powder.

Step 12

Mix well so that the ingredients spread uniformly.

Step 13

While the mix is still hot, shape them into round laddoos, applying pressure with your hands.

Step 14

Allow to cool and serve.

Step 15

Store in air-tight containers.

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