Plum Cake (Christmas Cake)

Christmas is a season of joy and no celebration will be complete without plum cake.

Plum Cake (Christmas Cake) | Pachakam

Plum Cake (Christmas Cake)

Christmas is a season of joy and no celebration will be complete without plum cake.

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By eleen rose

Published On: 09 Jun 2008

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1 Hours
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Step 1

First heat a pan with 3 tbsp of sugar in it. Stir it and allow it to melt.

Step 2

Take 4 tbsp of water. Wait till the sugar melts and turns to dark brown color. Pour the water into it when it is dark brown in color. Now we have a thick caramel syrup. Keep it aside.

Step 3

Melt the butter in a bowl. (Heat it in microwave for some time.)

Step 4

Add sugar (200 gm) into it and beat it well.

Step 5

Add vanilla sugar into it.

Step 6

:- If it is difficult to get vanilla sugar, add 2 drops of vanilla essence.

Step 7

Add 4 eggs into it and beat it well.

Step 8

When it is mixed well, mix baking powder and maida thoroughly and add into it.

Step 9

Beat it very well.

Step 10

Add caramel into it.

Step 11

Grind together the masala(cardamom+cinnamon+cloves) into a fine powder and add into it.

Step 12

Beat it once again to mix all these ingredients.

Step 13

At last we have to add all dried fruits into it. Before that keep aside around 10 - 15 full cashews (we need it to keep on the top of the cake.) and cut the rest of cashews into the small size and mix it with other dried fruits and add it to the cake mix.

Step 14

Now don`t beat, but mix it with a tbsp.

Step 15

By this time pre heat the oven for 10 minutes 180ª.

Step 16

Pour the mixture to a baking form(I used to make in 26 or 28 cm diameter) and decorate it with cashews on the top.

Step 17

Bake it for 1 hour in 180ª.

Step 18

Let it cool for a day before cutting..


It turned out awsumm.. finushed in one sitting.. perfect brown plum cake??


its not clear about the temperature mentioned in this recipe ,is his degrre Celsius or farenheat


excellent ! but it was not dark in colour and was more like a fruit cake,Yet yummy!.Thanks a million for the recipe!

Asha Raj

Great recipe. I made this cake for the 1st time

jackson joseph

Very easy...tasty...and delicious

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