Rasmalai Easy

A delicious sweet in an easy way

Rasmalai Easy | Pachakam

Rasmalai Easy

A delicious sweet in an easy way

By Sujitha Prasad

Published On: 23 Apr 2008

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1 Hours
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Step 1

Boil the whole milk in a pan.

Step 2

Once the milk comes to a rolling boil, slowly add the lemon juice to it.

Step 3

:- You will see the milk start curdling up.

Step 4

Once all the milk gets curdled and liquid appears as a light green color, turn the heat off.

Step 5

Drain the curds to a colander lined with cheese cloth.

Step 6

Tie the cloth from corners and place a weight on top and leave for 30 minutes.

Step 7

After 30 minutes, place the paneer onto a dish and add 1 tsp sugar.

Step 8

Knead the paneer well until it becomes soft and make lemon size balls out of it.

Step 9

Press the balls little bit and make into a flat shape.

Step 10

Meanwhile, boil 5 cups of water and add 1 cup of sugar.

Step 11

Keep a 1/4 cup for later use.

Step 12

Add the paneer balls and cook for 10 minutes until it becomes double in size.

Step 13

Once they become double, place it onto a dish with the sugar syrup saved and allow to cool.

Step 14

Once cooled, press little bit to drain excess syrup.

Step 15

Boil half and half in a pan and add 2 cups of sugar.

Step 16

Once it reaches boil, add the paneer balls into it along with the cardamom powder.

Step 17

Turn off heat and allow to cool.

Step 18

Place in a refrigerator and serve chilled.

Step 19

:- If you want, add some sliced almonds as a garnish.


It came out awesome. I had tried another receipe previously and it was a disaster. Your receipe tastes authentic!!!! Thanks!!


Hope this is the original Rasmalai recipe! I will try and let u know.What is meant by cheese cloth?


hey sujitha, excellent recipe.my husband liked it very much.thanks a lot.

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