Rava Ada

Home made Rava Ada

Rava Ada | Pachakam

Rava Ada

Home made Rava Ada

Category : Snacks, Pure-Vegetarian

By Ramzeen AbduRahman

Published On: 24 May 2014

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20 Minutes
Served : 5
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  • Rava : 1 glass
    Sugar : 1 glass
    Grated coconut : 1 half
    Roasted ground nuts : ½ glass
    All purpose flour / Maida : 1 glass

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Step 1 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 1

Cook rava / semolina in a reduced flame and roast evenly until a nice aroma start coming out. (Note: Make sure to not burn the rava / semolina. To ensure this, keep stirring continuously.)

Step 2 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 2

Cook grated coconut and sugar together till it forms a paste.

Step 3 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 3

Add roasted rava and nuts to this.

Step 4 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 4

Mix well.

Step 5 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 5

Take the flour and add a little water in order to make a dough. Knead well.

Step 6 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 6

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Step 7 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 7

Divide the dough into small circles, as shown.

Step 8 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 8

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Step 9 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 9

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Step 10 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 10

Fill these with rava-coconut mixture.

Step 11 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 11

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Step 12 Rava Ada Recipe

Step 12

Deep fry.

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