Soya Milk

Soya milk made from soya chunks

Soya Milk | Pachakam

Soya Milk

Soya milk made from soya chunks

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By Rahul Rajan

Published On: 24 Feb 2010

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20 Minutes
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Step 1

Soak soya chunks in sufficient water for a day.

Step 2

Change water and refresh with clean water next day to dispel the smell.

Step 3

Remove and drain the soya. Use your finger to remove the outer skin.

Step 4

Fill a blender, with just a handful of soya and add enough water to the level of soya.

Step 5

Blend or pulse it till it is milky. Strain into a jug.
:-repeat the same with the remaining soya.

Step 6

Take a pan and simmer the soya milk with rock sugar and vanilla pods. If using pandan leaf, knot it up.
:- simmer the soy milk in a similar way as you would do for milk.

Step 7

Remove the scum that forms on top of soya milk.

Step 8

Strain into a vessel. Cool and enjoy the drink. For lasting purpose, you can refrigerate.

Step 9

1)Soy milk is rich in isoflavones and reduces cholesterol.

Step 10

The long green leaves of pandan plant are very fragrant and aromatic. It can be used as a substitute for vanilla pods.


Wow...thanx Rahul for sharing this wonderful recipe. Never knew making soya milk was so easy, usually got it from the stores. But from now on, its totally home made!

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