White Wine

Simple wine

White Wine | Pachakam

White Wine

Simple wine

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By jean ann

Published On: 09 Jul 2006

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Step 1

Mash the grapes with a potato masher or wooden spoon or use your hands and mix it in the water.

Step 2

Add 2 kg sugar, wheat, yeast dissolved in a little water, egg white and shells.

Step 3

Keep them in a porcelain jar for 21 days. Stir it daily.

Step 4

Strain the mixture.

Step 5

While straining it, use a muslin cloth and a siphon tube to transfer the mixture so that the sediments at the bottom of the jar do not get disturbed.

Step 6

Add the remaining 2 kg of sugar and keep it for another 20 days.

Step 7

:- At the end of this, the wine will be ready for consumption.

Step 8

:- The procedure to prepare red wine is also the same. But when the sugar is added for the second time, caramelise it for that deep red colour.

Step 9

:- Orange wine, pineapple wine and beetroot wine can also be prepared using the same procedure. Even tea decoction can be used to make wine.

Step 10

:- In order to avoid bacteria build up sanitize all your equipments like spoons, bottles, jar etc n use only boiled n cooled water or distilled water.The more the wine sits the better.

Alex Mathew

it is very nice receipe...but i couldnot store it 41 days...around 30 days i finished..HA HA Yummy..


take a look at at my wine recipe http://kosukadi.timj.net/make-wine-at-home-easy-and-cheap-home-made-red-wine-recipe/


Your recipe for White Wine seemed like that it came for a LKG school boy. I am sorry to state like this). You did not mention when to add Wheat, reason for adding Egg Shell, whether 1 tsp Yeast will suffice for 3 kg of Grape and 1 kg of Wheat, storing in bottles--Coloured bottles?. You were also mentioning that Beatroot wine can be prepared as above. I understand, Beatroot should be chopped & boiled alongwith cloves and cinnamon thoroughly and then only the cooled liquid(after filtering through a cotton cloth) will be taken to prepare the wine as in the case of grape wine.Pls try to be more serious and careful in rolling out receipes like these. Okay.


Why do we add egg shells? Is there any other jar you can use for the wine? I have some white grapes, will this recipe work for that too? Yes and the whole wheat..when does that go in and for what? Thanks for answering my questions.

Jijo Peter

when do you add whole wheat?


Could you please explain the proceedure again. Like in ingrediants u mentioned wheat but u have not mentioned it in prepration. Also please tell what should i do after straining the juice, should i add remaining sugar to it or to the sediments in the jar. Should i save the juice in a bottle and refrigerate and mix everything together later. I heard cloves, cinnamon can be added too, is that true,if yes, quantity please. ----Thank You

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